I witnessed like 12 cops arrest 1 man at k’s produce market. Everyone just pretended it wasn’t happening and no one left the store and the whole thing was really calm and quiet but like, 12 cops??

I took a 4 hour nap

We got stuck on the downtown 1 for like 2 hours bc signal malfunction (does that actually ever mean anything or is it a catch all term for not-a-person-on-the-tracks)

I kinda want to move back here


Zayn and all his mates saw me struggling and ran over. I was persisting because I was like, ‘I’m Dynamo, I’m going to get out of this’. But they came over.”

“I said, ‘You shouldn’t be pushing’, and he went, ‘Nah man, I’ve got to help a Bradford lad out’.

Dynamo the (Bradfordian) magician, on the time Zayn helped him out when his car was stuck in the snow (via Sugarscape)